Recipe Lists You can Join

Bread Machine Recipes List

Do you enjoy making bread and other baked goods in your bread machine?
Then this is the list for you for recipes and tips on bread machine baking.

Crockpot Recipes List

Is your crockpot just collecting dust? Well dig it out and subscribe to this list
Share favorite or new recipes and help each other with crockpot questions.
To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to Crockpot_Recipes-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

Healthy Tastes - Healthy Cooking List

Trying to eat healthier? You know you should, but don't want to give up
great tasting food? Share recipes that will help us all eat healthier.

World Cuisine List

Do the flavors of the world's cuisines excite your tastebuds?
Join this list for inspiration, and get cooking.

Vegetarian List

This list is NOT a forum advocating a vegetarian lifestyle, it is only
a list for recipes and discussion of vegetarian cooking by those who
realize the importance of vegetables, fruit, grain, and legume dishes
in a well rounded diet.

The Chocolate List

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, recipes, desserts, drinks,
entrees, How many different ways do you use chocolate?

The StrainedPeas List

Kid-friendly recipes, fun food for parties, treats for picky eaters

Soups-N-Stews List

Share soup and stew recipes of all kinds, any format stovetop, crockpot,
dutch oven, etc. As long as it is about soup or stew, then it's on topic.

Recipe Riot List

You'll never know what kind of recipe will be shared here, anything goes
Post any type of recipe you want, and get many more in return daily.

Simple Side Dish List

Add a little more variety to your side dishes! Simply Sides is for sharing
recipes for side dishes be it: vegetables, pasta, beans, rice, salads,
breads or muffins. If you serve it along with the main dish, it's a side!

Meat Lovers List

Share your dishes that contain meat: beef/veal, poultry, pork, lamb, or
wild game. Here you will learn many tips and tricks for preparing meat.

Breakfast and Brunch Recipes List

Bored to death with cereal for breakfast? Tired of the same thing over
and over and over each morning? Say hello to breakfast and brunch
recipes, including breads, coffees, eggs, hot cereals, anything to do
with your breakfast.

Home Bakery List

Share recipes or tips for sweet and savory baked goods be it: cakes,
pies, pastries, cookies, bars, bread, muffins, or bagels. Recipes can
be simple or complex, from scratch or from packaged ingredients.

Cookbook Reviews and Recipes List

Do you collect cookbooks? Do you have recipes from cookbooks that
have become family favorites? Do you buy cookbooks from book
stores or the bargin bins and want to share? Then this is the list for you.

Cooking Info, Ideas, Tips and Tricks List

Cooking isn't just about recipes. It's also about cooking information,
tips or tricks gathered over the years from cookbooks, the internet,
newspapers, and especially your own.

The MasterCook List

Do you use Mastercook software to organize your recipes? If yes join
this list and share recipe, or your collection. Participate even if you
don't have Mastercook. Each month a file of Tips, Hints, and Tricks
is sent. Any Mastercook importable recipe is accepted.

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