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Christmas is the festival of joy and happiness. People across the world celebrate Christmas with great fun and fervor. Christmas in Egypt is celebrated with great enthusiasm and festivity. It signifies spreading love and peace everywhere. Arrival of Christmas marks the birth of Jesus.

The Coptic Church is an orthodox church, where 7th of January marks the celebration of Christmas in Coptic Church. For forty day, people observed advent. People of Egypt fast during this period and eat no meat, poultry or dairy products. But, those who are unable to fast for such a long period often observe it during last week.

In Egypt, it is a Christmas tradition to visit church wearing new clothes. Around mid night bells start ringing and Christmas services come to end. Now, everybody come back home to have a special Christmas meal. It is known as fata and is made up of bread, rice, boiled meat and garlic.

During Christmas day, it is the Egyptian culture to meet friends and neighbors. People visit their friend's house with kaik and shortbat. Kaik is a type of shortbread and shortbat is a drink.

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