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Bosnians, like those in many other countries, observe Christmas primarily by celebrating the family. The three Sundays that precede Christmas Eve, Detinjci, Materice and Ocevi, are dedicated to children, mothers and fathers. Most holiday rituals take place within the family, including the many meals families eat together.

Bosnians celebrate Christmas Eve dinner with a traditional stuffed turkey. It is served with stuffed cabbage, spinach pie, beets, mayonnaise salad, and pita. In the Orthodox tradition, a golden coin is hidden in a loaf of bread and will grant wishes for the person who finds it throughout the year. Sojikolac, chocolate nut cookies, and cake with white frosting to represent fresh snowfall are served for dessert.

It is Djeda Mraz, Grandfather Frost, who visits children and delivers their treats. The feasts that celebrate families begin again on December 31, when everyone toasts the New Year. The next day, many families traditionally watch the Vienna Concert on television together, and friends and neighbors get together for one last party before life returns to normal on the 3rd of January. To bring people even closer together, most seasonal parties are celebrated with sparklers, singing and dancing.

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