About Us [FoodforU.ca]

It was 1995 that Kathleen and I launched our first food website. The first website was very
basic with half a dozen downloads available and ten or so pages of information.
Then in June 2006 while at work I had a stroke, luckily Kathleen was with me having dinner or
I don't know what I'd of done.

You can imagine this set back slowed me down for awhile, and our site suffered because of it.
After almost a year of rehab and dabbling in html code I ventured back on the computer.
It was February 2008 that we finally took the plunge. We got our own domain, and as of 2020
we've had just over ten+ million visitors, and we're still free to use.

I greatly value crediting work to the original source wherever possible.
Please comment on any recipe that you know the original owner or source I have not mentioned
it. Similarly - please let me know if you own a recipe displayed here and want it removed
from the site, it will be removed immediately upon proof of ownership supplied.

We do hope that you enjoy our site, we've tried to make it as user friendly as possible.
If you haven't enjoyed our site please don't tell others, tell us so that we can correct the problem by dropping
us an email at "feedback@foodforu.ca".
Thank you for stopping by to visit.

All Rights Reserved.