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Most people have a very busy lifestyle, with kids sports and family it's getting harder to eat healthy. So we've added a greater number of healthy selections to our site in the hope that you'll see just how easy it is to feed your family healthier choices.

As you know we are in Canada, we have moved from Manitoba to British Columbia and made our new home in Summerland in the heart of the Okanagan. We will continue to be free as we've always been but hope to spread all the great things of the Okanagan to the rest of Canada.

It's not well known but less than 150 years ago records showed there were over 100,000 varieties of heritage vegetables, fruit and grain seeds. Today less than 25,000 of that number exist. You owe it to your family to help revive these numbers, and in the process eat so much better and cheaper!

Old Cast Iron pans will make a welcome addition to your kitchen, I have two that are over a 100 years old. They retain an even heat, you can season your cast iron to a near non stick coating, but they require alittle care. Try putting a non stick skillet in the oven (don't you'll ruin it), cast iron is so versatile you can even bake in it. Have a look at these two videos on how to clean and season your cast iron, one uses a self clean oven method (I've never tried this method but it seems to work.) The other method is using salt and a potato.

Removal of factory pre-seasoning, and then reseasoning it yourself The new skillet cleaning and seasoning. Using a potato and salt (I recommend coarse kosher salt) Old rusty skillet cleaning and seasoning.

If you're interested in century old cast iron skillets have a look at this video Century old cast iron skillets

One last thing, many say to use crisco, corn oil, or olive oil to season your old skillets. After many years of trial and error I've found that Grapeseed oil is a better fit for seasoning. The main reasons are that it has a very high flash point and almost no smoke while seasoning in the oven. I hope you save your old iron, and enjoy it for many years to come.

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Drinking more coffee is associated with decreased heart failure risk. A new 2021 study has found that coffee drinking is not detramental but actually good for you. See news concerning these studies on the American Heart Association website .

Have you noticed When you go grocery shopping for laundry supplies just how expensive they are? One little spray bottle of fabric/stain remover can cost up to $7-$8 dollars. How would you like to make the same pre-treater at home for mere pennies? Here's the recipe for Homemade Shout Stain Remover.

So what exactually is Hunger? Hunger is the most commonly used term to describe the social condition of people who suffer from a chronic lack of sufficient food and constantly or frequently experience the physical sensation of hunger.
Remember anytime of year we should think about supporting our local foodbanks, it only costs a few extra dollars to add a couple of extra cans of veggies, a bag of rice, cans of soup, dried beans, toilet paper or any other staple to your shopping cart for the hungry.
Remember that many people including children go to bed hungry daily, so please do your part and support your local foodbank.

The makeover of the main recipe database is underway, we are going to have half a million recipes by the time we're done . The recipes in the main archive are now in text, this will make it easier to read online and to copy exactually what you want. The 50+ servings archive are in pdf format, this allows you to save the files directly to your computer at a single mouse click. Make sure you check the main Recipe Archive daily, as it's growing rapidly with exciting recipes.

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